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I got an eighteen-foot-rocket
And I’m causing a blaze
A taste of burned rubber
That I leave in the haze

I got the lane of pain
In my visual gaze
Find me six feet under
But I’m ready to race

I’m gonna ride it on.
Ride it all night long.

Set the power free though they won’t agree.
I now it! Now they’re after me!
So it’s got to be
Kick down velocity

I spent my life upon that highway
I burned my name upon that lane
I never cared I did it my way
Speed is driving me insane

Never ending race
Gotta set the pace and roll it!
Down the endless road (that leads to nowhere)
Smile upon my face
And the devil on my trace

Music and Lyrics by Falo Faltu 2017
Picture credits: Falo Faltu