Alllllllrrrrright! The Pirates are back on stage again in April!

We are joining the SPH BandContest in Bochum. We share the stage with a bunch of other wild bands (A Crown Of Entrails, Final Expression, Screenplay and others). A jury and YOU will decide which of us will make it to the second round of the contest. SO BE THERE AND VOTE FOR US!!!!

Get Your Tickets From Us!!

Tickets for the SPH BandContest are available directly from us at a price of 7,- EUR! Please contact us to buy your ticket in advance! By doing this you support us to get a better time slot at the evening. To get your tickets just send us an email with your request and the number of tickets you desire. We will get back to you with payment and shipping details instantly.

Disclaimer: We won’t be getting paid for the gig. Tickets revenues go to the organizers by almost 100%. In case we sell more than 25 tickets we get a cashback of 25,- EUR. In case we sell more than 50, we get 50,- EUR … and so on (learn mor about that system here). Thats all! BUT … the more tickets a band sold in advance the better the time slot for the band will be in the evening!


Location: Die Trompete
Adress: Viktoriastraße 45; 44787 Bochum
Entrance: 1800h
Tickets: 7,- EUR. Available at the door, too. But PLEASE(!!!) buy your tickets from us in advance to support us!