Pirates In Black Album Cover

Pirates In Black – Our First Album

Yes! We did it! We nailed down our very first album, entitled “Pirates In Black”. Ten groundshaking songs to blow your mind and twist your belly. And a bonus track, too. The album comes as a digipak including an eight-pages-booklet containing all the lyrics, and much more.

Release date: NOV-29-2019

The album will be published by Dr. Music Records. Edel:distribution will be in charge for the physical distribution. recordJet will take care about the digital sales part. Beside that our fans will be able to buy the album directly from us near the stage – wherever we may play! BTW: Don’t miss our album release party in the Wirtschaftswunder in Wuppertal. It is gonna be a hell of a blast!!!

Some impressions of the album

How it was done …

The album was recorded by Peter Dirkschneider, and by ourselves. We had a great time in the studio with Peter. A cool guy! And a serious Rocknrollaaaaa!! The mastering was done by Ralf Kappmeier from Tokapi Musicproduction. He was responsible for all the earthquakes and cannon roars – and he did a fantastic job.


  • My Name
  • Words Are Loaded Guns
  • Turn It Down
  • All Alone
  • Player #6
  • Ride It On
  • Ahab
  • Omerta
  • Pirates In Black
  • Black Hole
  • Words Are Loaded Guns – Radio Edition (Bonus Track)