Pirates In Black SPH Music Masters

The Pirates In Black qualified for the final of the SPH Music Masters 2019! So we are one of the top ten bands of about 1.500 participating bands in that contest in 2019. Holy Moses!!!!

Eight very good bands from various genres battled against each other at the MTC Cologne for the ticket to the final. A really hard challenge! We entered the stage as fifth in line. Plugged in! Boosted the volume! And the madness began! Five songs later the club was blown up in flames. Bodies plastered the dance floor, slain. Seriously wounded visitors heading to the exit, crawling, and begging for mercy. No prisoners were taken. Harrharrharrrrr!!!

About half past eleven the organizers entered the stage to proclaim the results. We made it to the second place!!! Unbelievable!!! But only the winners should make it to the final. Well, that’s what we had been told. But then the organizers told us that they decided to take the band in second place to the final, too!!! We really freaked out!!!!

So all you landlubbers! The plundering will continue! Next target: Stadthalle Montabaur. 17th of October. 15:00h. The germany wide final of the SPH Music Masters 2019. Our guns are loaded! Our swords are sharpened!

Picture: Heike Leppkes (copyright)