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Out at night. That’s my day.
Holy fight. Ready to slay.
Foolish child. Lonely boy.
Now I am back just to seek and destroy.

Aaaaaaahh! Take gun. On the run. Blast ‚em all away!
Aaaaaaahh! Overkill! Devil’s will! Make the sinners pay!
Take a gun. On the run. Hear what they pray!

Out of sight. Out of trace.
See my eyes in every face.
Humanly meadow. Ready to graze.
Spreading your entrails all over the place.

Raise your hand. Spread the word around.
Take the prize. Virgins to be found.
Break the chains. Set them free.
Welcome to eternity.
Paradise. Can’t you see?

Copyright: Falo Faltu 2015
Picture Credits: Wikipedia