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Category: Life On Stage

AUG-09/10-2024: Wellesweiler-Open-Air

Wow!!! We will be playing our biggest Open Air so far in August in Wellesweiler! This event will take place on two days, Friday and Saturday. They are expecting about 1.000 Metal Heads. And we are part of the line-up! That’s the way to play the summer!

Location: Berthold-Günther-Platz, 66539 Neunkirchen-Wellesweiler
Tickets: 24,- EUR for 2……

SEP-14-2024: Alleestübchen AHEAD!!!!! ARRRR!!!!!

Again. Again. And AGAIN!!! The Alleestübchen in Wuppertal is one of our most favourite places to be! Small! But crazy! We hope to see all you Pirates Fans there, going wild with us!!!

Entrance: 12,- EUR
Please contact Connie from the Alleestübchen in advance to make sure to get one of the rare……

OCT-05-2024: Pirates Plundering The Löf In Remscheid AGAIN!!!

Alright folks! It is time to plunder the Löf, again!!! A night of blood, sweat, and pain in Remscheid!!

Doors 1900
Show 2000
Entrance is for free!

Location: Löf, Theodor-Körner-Str. 6, 42853 Remscheid

JAN-18-2025: Ozzyfied and the Pirates In Black plundering the LCB Wuppertal, again

Ozzyfied & Pirates In Black

With pleasant anticipation we are happy to announce the second show together with the best Ozzy Osbourne Tribute Band (at least in Germsny!), OZZYFIED!!!! After a sold out show in 2024 we will burn down the main stage of the LCB Wuppertal in January 2025. More details later!

FEB-22-2025: Back on stage at the Rockin’ Rooster Haan featuring The Vincent Raven Band

The walls are gonna shake!!! Pirates In Black AND The Vincent Raven Band together on stage at the Rockin’ Rooster in Haan! More details later!