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Category: Last Gigs

FEB-03-2024: Ozzyfied featuring the Pirates In Black (LCB Wuppertal)

Ozzyfied & Pirates In Black

WOOOWOWOWOOOOOOO!!!! This was a sold out show! 300 maniacs were going down with us and OZZYfied for a haevy rock party at the LCB in Wuppertal! Ozzy even performed a song together with us. The crowd went wild! ARRRR!!!!

More pictures to come……

NOV-11-2023: Pirates Conquering The LÖF in Remscheid

Arrrrrrr! Alllaaaaarrrrrffff! Herrrrlauuuuu! We had a blast in Remscheid! Lots of singing! Dancing! Head Banging!! And lots of fun!!
We will be back!!

SEP-09-2023: Allee-Stübchen Wuppertal being plundered, again!!

YESSSS!!! We rocked the Allee-Stübchen in Wuppertal, again!! It was wild, and crazy!!

AUG-11-2023: Album-Release-Party Allee Haus Wuppertal

Falo Faltu - Pirates In Black

OOOOOHHHHHH YEEEESSSSS!!!! We had a hell of a blast!!! Celebrating the release of our new album MONEY SLAVES with about 80 friends and fans at the Allee Haus Wuppertal. It was so cool to watch all you people wearing our band shirts – or even showing up dressed like pirates! Thank you all for……

MAR-25-2023: Pirates In Black featuring The Vincent Raven Band in Haan

Holy Moly!!! It was time to destroy the stage of the Rockin’ Rooster in Haan, again. Together with our good friends from Krefeld, The Vincent Raven Band, we had a hell of a blast on stage on March 25.

Pictures by Michel Clemens

DEC-17-2022: Christmas Bash Wuppertal with Bourbon Street featuring the Pirates In Black

We finished the season in the LCB Wuppertal. Opening the stage for Bourbon Street.

It was great gig in front of around 400 enthusiatic rock fans. The Pirates played and plundered the stage for 50 minutes. Presenting old and very new material. And had really a lot of fun!!! It……

DEC-09-2022: Jazzkeller Krefeld (together with The Vincent Raven Band)

Pirates In Black Jazzkeller Krefeld

It may be cold and shady outside! But it’s damn hot inside the Jazzkeller Krefeld. At least when The Vincent Raven Band was sharing the stage with the bloody rotten Pirates In Black. Our friends from Krefeld invited us to play a show together, in a famous location in……

APR-08-2022: RESURRECTION 2022. From the Ashes We Will Rise Again!

HOLY SHIT!!!!! That was a blast!!!

After a long and demanding period of postponing this gig over and over again it finally happend to take place!
To bloody rotten Pirates In Black burned down the stage of the Underground in Wuppertal. Together with The Vincent Raven Band from……

NOV-13-2021: GERMANY FINAL of the SPH Music Masters in Montabaur

Now the Pirates In Black are officially the second best newcomer band in Germany (at least in the season 2019!) 🙂

We had a great day in Montabaur together with 8 other cool bands. The organization was close to perfect. And each and everybod was in a good mood. What a……

AUG-07-2020: Smashing Wolfram’s Garden

Pirates In Black at Wolfram Winterhoff's garden

Our good friend Wolfram Winterhoff and his wife Sylvia invited us to play a few pirate songs at their private garden party. Due to the Corona circumstances the audience was limited to about 20 guests. Wolfram used to be the camera guy in two of our videos, Pirates In Black, and My Name. In return……