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Category: Blog

POSTPONED!!! OCT-10-2020: Eisenfest Warm Up in Schwelm

Eisenfest Schwelm Pirates In Black

Dear friends and fans of the Pirates In Black!

We have to sadly announce that this gig was postponed due to the Corona situation and circumstances. We hope to play this one next year. Keep all fingers crossed that this fucking pandemic leaves us alone soon, and life gets back to normal … well to CRAZY……

We are part of the RADIO BOB! Newcomer Stream

Jolly Hoo!!! The bloody rotten Pirates In Black are part of the Newcomer Stream by RADIO BOB! since mid of May 2020. RADIO BOB! is one of the biggest rock music radio stations in Germany. The main program is broadcasted via digital radio. Beside that the station streams various playlists via……

POSTPONED!!!: The Pirates In Black on their way to erase the Alleestuebchen Wuppertall

Pirates In Black im Alleestübchen 2019


We are back to the place of singing and swinging. Down in the valley of thunder and plunder. Out for destruction and slaving the youth! Helly Yeah!!! Alleestübchen Wuppertal-Unterbarmen…….

FEB-15-2020: We Qualified for the Final! Semifinal of SPH Music Masters In Cologne

Pirates In Black SPH Music Masters

The Pirates In Black qualified for the final of the SPH Music Masters 2019! So we are one of the top ten bands of about 1.500 participating bands in that contest in 2019. Holy Moses!!!!

Eight very good bands from various genres battled against each other at the MTC Cologne for the……

JAN-18-2020: Headlining the Rooster in Haan!

Pirates In Black Rockin Rooster. Copyright Michael Clemens.

Jolly Hooo you landlubbers!! We have rocked the legendary Rockin’ Rooster Club for the third time again. This time we acted as the headliner of the show. Playing our full set! And showing absolutely no mercy at all!

As very special guest there had been three heavy rocking ladies from Siegen:……

The Pirates In Black’s first TV Appearance

Pirates In BLack WDR Lokalzeit Bergisches Land

Yesterday we had our first TV appearance on German Television (WDR). The lokal info magazine “Lokalzeit Bergisches Land” broadcasted a little clip informing about our upcoming show in Haan at the Rockin’ Rooster on Saturday (JAN-18-2020). Looks like we are going to become big TV stars in the near future … 🙂

Watch the video here!

Pirates In Black first album out NOW!!!!

Pirates In Black Album Cover

The plundering continues. In a new dimension.

There you go you salty swashbuckles!!!! The first album of the Pirates In Black is out NOW!!! 10 songs of love, hate, desperation, and passion. Written, produced, and performed by four old warhorses. Merciless. Lawless. Heavy. Rock.

Get the album here!

There are some nice reviews of the album online……

Reviews of our Debut Album “Pirates In Black” (German language)

Pirates In Black Album Cover

Metal Hammer

Pirates In Black ist ein solides Album […] voller rockig-grooviger, wenn auch einfacher Klänge.
Homepage vom Metal Hammer

Heavy Metal Heaven

Pirates In Black bereichert die Szene ungemein, will ich meinen. Denn es steckt Feuer und Leben in der Musik. Leidenschaft gepaart mit edlen Gitarren Riffs und einer starken Stimme an Bord…….

MY NAME – Our first appearance on SPOTIFY!!!!

Pirates In Black Spotify

Muhahahahaaaaaa!! The bloody rotten Pirates In Black have conquered SPOTIFY!!! From now on and forever this link below will lead you to the pirate bay:

The Pirates In Black On Spotify

Go there and find endless satisfaction, wine, women, and songs!!!!


Pirates In Black Album Cover

Hey hoo you lousy landlubbers!!!

Our first album is on its way. Release date: NOV-29-2019.
But why wait? Be one of the first to get it and pre-order the album in one of these shops:

► Amazon: http://bit.ly/piratesinblack_pib_amazon
► Thalia: http://bit.ly/piratesinblack_pib_thalia
► Saturn: http://bit.ly/piratesinblack_pib_saturn