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NOV-13-2021: GERMANY FINAL of the SPH Music Masters in Montabaur

Now the Pirates In Black are officially the second best newcomer band in Germany (at least in the season 2019!) 🙂

We had a great day in Montabaur together with 8 other cool bands. The organization was close to perfect. And each and everybod was in a good mood. What a……

The METAL IS FOREVER ROCKCAST starring the Pirates In Black

Holy Moses!!! Yesterday the Pirates In Black entered the METAL IS FOREVER ROCKCAST SHOW on YouTube for a long interview with Ritchie Newton. It was so much fun to be there. And Ritchie played almost the full album (except of 3 tunes). We added one tune live in front of the camera…….

Dusty Road

Play that song!


Here I go again down the road
I’m carrying heavy load
All the promises that I’ve been told
Are sold

Joy and fortune they used to be mine
My lucky star used to shine
Now I’m growing old
On that dusty road

Used to live my life easy
No my pants are getting sleazy

Blood And Rain

Play that song!


All I see are yellow skies
All I feel my burning eyes
And so I turn away
And the blood and rain is pouring out of clouds of grey
And you realize their ain’t no other way

All my life a dirty lie
All my deeds I can’t deny
And so I turn away…

Backseat Ride

Play that song!


Come on now turn off the light
Come over here are you ready to ride
Park the car right outta sight
We play it cool in the heat of the night
Yeah yeah I see your mother stare
Shaking her head daughter don’t you dare
Cuty girl gonna have some fun
Listen Mum!……

Pirates In Black on Radio Wuppertal NOV-10-2020

Pirates In Black

Today in the morning we had the great pleasure to be aired on Radio Wuppertal, the local radio station of our home town. During times of Corona Radio Wuppertal is supporting local musicians from our region, introducing them during their morning show. This support is highly appreciated,……

POSTPONED!!! OCT-10-2020: Eisenfest Warm Up in Schwelm

Eisenfest Schwelm Pirates In Black

Dear friends and fans of the Pirates In Black!

We have to sadly announce that this gig was postponed due to the Corona situation and circumstances. We hope to play this one next year. Keep all fingers crossed that this fucking pandemic leaves us alone soon, and life gets back to normal … well to CRAZY……

AUG-07-2020: Smashing Wolfram’s Garden

Pirates In Black at Wolfram Winterhoff's garden

Our good friend Wolfram Winterhoff and his wife Sylvia invited us to play a few pirate songs at their private garden party. Due to the Corona circumstances the audience was limited to about 20 guests. Wolfram used to be the camera guy in two of our videos, Pirates In Black, and My Name. In return……

We are part of the RADIO BOB! Newcomer Stream

Jolly Hoo!!! The bloody rotten Pirates In Black are part of the Newcomer Stream by RADIO BOB! since mid of May 2020. RADIO BOB! is one of the biggest rock music radio stations in Germany. The main program is broadcasted via digital radio. Beside that the station streams various playlists via……


Hysteria Pirates In Black

Play that song!


Hysteria!! That’s what they say!
Hanging out! While others pray.
Is it just a lack of education?
Rumors spreaded all across the nation.

Hysteria!! Is what they believe!
Tuning it out! The others grief.
Great succes for them conspirators.
In good company with other haters.

Copyright: Falo Faltu 2020
Picture credits: SVG……