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FEB-03-2024: Ozzyfied featuring the Pirates In Black (LCB Wuppertal)

We are happy to announce that we will have a hell of a blast on stage together with Ozzyfied!!! Ozzyfied is one of the greatest Ozzy Osbourne Tribute Bands ever. This will happen on FEB-03-2024 at the LCB in Wuppertal.
More details to come!
Stay tuned!

SEP-09-2023: Allee-Stübchen Wuppertal being plundered, again!!

YESSSS!!! We rocked the Allee-Stübchen in Wuppertal, again!! It was wild, and crazy!!

AUG-11-2023: Album-Release-Party Allee Haus Wuppertal

Falo Faltu - Pirates In Black

OOOOOHHHHHH YEEEESSSSS!!!! We had a hell of a blast!!! Celebrating the release of our new album MONEY SLAVES with about 80 friends and fans at the Allee Haus Wuppertal. It was so cool to watch all you people wearing our band shirts – or even showing up dressed like pirates! Thank you all for……

Album Reviews MONEY SLAVES

We are happy to show you the first press feedback about our new album MONEY SLAVES here:

The local press about the Pirates In Black and their new album MONEY SLAVES

This huge article has been released recently in two local newspapers, the WZ Wuppertal (JUL-09-2023) and the RGA Remscheider Generalanzeiger (JUN-14-2023). In German, of course.

NOV-11-2023: Pirates Conquering The LÖF in Remscheid

Arrrrrrr! Alllaaaaarrrrrffff! Herrrrlauuuuu! Pirates entering the Löf! Just in time to open the carneval season the bloody rotten Pirates In Black are about to smash and destroy the Löf in Remscheid. Entrance is free provided you are dressed up like a pirate. And if not … the entrance is also for free. Just put some……

CD MONEY SLAVES available NOW!!!!

ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!! All you lousy landlubbers! All you rotten swashbuckles!!! Get ready for our new album MONEY SLAVES!! Official release date is JUN-16-2023. But crazy pirates as we are we are already selling it via our shop from now on. GET IT HERE!!!

Single MONEY SLAVES: Release Date MAY-19-2023

Money Slaves - Pirates In Black

Hooooly Mooooly!!!! We are happy and proud to reveal the release date of our first single from the upcoming album, MONEY SLAVES!!! The single will be released on Friday, MAY-19-2023!!! From this day on the song will be available on all common digital channels for streaming, and for purchase of course.

MONEY SLAVES is a song……

MONEY SLAVES Playlist Preview

Money Slaves - Pirates In Black

Jolly Hooo You Lousy Landlubbers!!!!! Our new album MONEY SLAVES is about to be released this summer! And for those of you who are extremely keen to know more about it here is a little preview of the playlist. But be aware! These are not the final versions of the songs. They are working files……

Roll It

Roll It - Pirates In Black

Play that song!


We give a damn and kill the crimson for the clover
An aura brighter than a cosmic super nova
The mothers scream in vain we leave them slain
We burn down the stages
Here we go again

We’re not a sweeeeet caress. We’re meeeeerciless.
We’re heavy and lawless.
Don’t try to get away.

Ohh! Dark……