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DEC-17-2022: Christmas Bash Wuppertal with Bourbon Street featuring the Pirates In Black

We will be finishing the season in the LCB Wuppertal. Opening the stage for Bourbon Street.

Tickets here

DEC-09-2022: Jazzkeller Krefeld (together with The Vincent Raven Band)

Pirates In Black Jazzkeller Krefeld

It may be cold and shady outside! But it’s damn hot inside the Jazzkeller Krefeld. At least when The Vincent Raven Band was sharing the stage with the bloody rotten Pirates In Black. Our friends from Krefeld invited us to play a show together, in a famous location in……

The New Gunner On Board: Jay Jay!!!

Jay Jay

Dear friends and fellows of the bloody rotten PIRATES IN BLACK!

Yes, the Gunner is gone, but LONG LIVE THE NEW GUNNER: JAY JAY!

We asked JAY JAY to become a part of the PIRATES IN BLACK a few days after CARL CLOVER told us about his plans to resign. JAY JAY accepted our invitation straight……

The Gunner Carl Clover left the band :-(

Carl Clover - Pirates In Black

Dear friends and fellows,

we are very sad to tell you that our Gunner Carl Clover left the band due to health problems.
So we have to let him go. Sad, but true. We will stay friends, of course. And we still love each other.

Thank you Carl for a fucking great time, for your inspiration,……

APR-08-2022: RESURRECTION 2022. From the Ashes We Will Rise Again!

HOLY SHIT!!!!! That was a blast!!!

After a long and demanding period of postponing this gig over and over again it finally happend to take place!
To bloody rotten Pirates In Black burned down the stage of the Underground in Wuppertal. Together with The Vincent Raven Band from……

New Shirts designed by Nicole Langwieler

New Band-Shirt “Money Slaves” out now designed by Nicole Langwieler from NL-ART!

Yes, we have something new for our fans. Our next album will be called “Money Slaves”. This can be seen on our new band shirts, too. Our friend Nicole Langwieler (www.nl-art.de) designed those shirts for us. Nicole is a real artist,……

NOV-13-2021: GERMANY FINAL of the SPH Music Masters in Montabaur

Now the Pirates In Black are officially the second best newcomer band in Germany (at least in the season 2019!) 🙂

We had a great day in Montabaur together with 8 other cool bands. The organization was close to perfect. And each and everybod was in a good mood. What a……

The METAL IS FOREVER ROCKCAST starring the Pirates In Black

Holy Moses!!! Yesterday the Pirates In Black entered the METAL IS FOREVER ROCKCAST SHOW on YouTube for a long interview with Ritchie Newton. It was so much fun to be there. And Ritchie played almost the full album (except of 3 tunes). We added one tune live in front of the camera…….

Dusty Road

Play that song!


Here I go again down the road
I’m carrying heavy load
All the promises that I’ve been told
Are sold

Joy and fortune they used to be mine
My lucky star used to shine
Now I’m growing old
On that dusty road

Used to live my life easy
No my pants are getting sleazy

Blood And Rain

Play that song!


All I see are yellow skies
All I feel my burning eyes
And so I turn away
And the blood and rain is pouring out of clouds of grey
And you realize their ain’t no other way

All my life a dirty lie
All my deeds I can’t deny
And so I turn away…