Pirates In Black are …


The Pirates In Black have been founded in late 2016 by Captain Falo Faltu. We reside in Wuppertal (Germany). Our sound might be described best as solid heavy rock music with references to Black Sabbath and Black Label Society. We call it “Merciless. Lawless. Heavy. Rock.” Beside the founder, singer, and guitarist Falo Faltu the band consists out of three more musicians: Quartermaster Accu Becher (guitar), Gunner Jay Jay (bass), and Powder Monkey Hans Heringer (drums). All band members have a huge and long background in playing (mostly) hard and heavy music. Find out more about each Pirate by clicking on the specific picture below.


Band Members

Falo Faltu (Captain)

Falo Faltu

Accu Becher (Quartermaster)

Accu Becher

Jay Jay (Gunner)

Hans Heringer (Powder Monkey)

Hans Heringer

Former Band Members

Carl Clover (Gunner)