Pirates In Black Album Cover

Hey hoo you lousy landlubbers!!!

Our first album is on its way. Release date: NOV-29-2019.
But why wait? Be one of the first to get it and pre-order the album in one of these shops:

► Nuclear Blast: http://bit.ly/piratesinblack_pib_nuclearblast
► Amazon: http://bit.ly/piratesinblack_pib_amazon
► Saturn: http://bit.ly/piratesinblack_pib_saturn
► Media Markt: http://bit.ly/piratesinblack_pib_mediamarkt
► Buecher.de: http://bit.ly/piratesinblack_pib_buecher
► Weltbild: http://bit.ly/piratesinblack_pib_weltbild
► Grooves: http://bit.ly/piratesinblack_pib_grooves
► ExLibris: http://bit.ly/piratesinblack_pib_exlibris
► WOM: http://bit.ly/piratesinblack_pib_wom
► JPC: http://bit.ly/piratesinblack_pib_jpc
► iTunes: http://bit.ly/piratesinblack_pib_itunes
► Google Play: http://bit.ly/piratesinblack_pib_googleplay
► SMStracks: http://bit.ly/piratesinblack_pib_smstracks