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Category: Songs


Ahab Pirates In Black

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Through howling wind and breaking seas
The whaler sets his sail.
The creature down alive and mean.
The body white and pale.

He fought him once. He lost a leg.
He never lost his pride.
Now he is back to seek revenge
And take the final ride.

Hay Ho! Thar She Blows!!!
Hay Ho! Thar……

Player #6

Player #6 - Pirates In Black

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On a star far above the moon
Find myself trying to make a living
On a star nasty silly goon
Wondering if fate is to be a given
On a big star hiding in my doom
Contact and love key-driven


My Name

Pirates In Black

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Lord was sending me down
Through the storm and into the fire.
Born in a desperate town
In a place of fear and desire.
Love the haters! Hate the love!

My sweet sinisterness is driving you insane.
I‘ll introduce myself and now you know my name.
My name yeah!

I sell you gloating and pain…

Words Are Loaded Guns

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Tyrants so frightened. We’re busting their reigns.
Kings full of fear. When we call out their names.

Letters and phrases so dark profound
Written in blood on your burial mound

Whispered in silence or carved into stone.
Always the power to threaten the throne.

You are searching for glory deforming the truth
Hocus the ancients enslaving……

Welcome To The Machine

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Credits: Lyrics and original version: Roger Waters, Pink Floyd. We do not claim any rights regarding this song. All credits, cheers, and honours go to Roger Waters and Pink Floyd who wrote this brilliant piece of music.
Picture Credits: pixabay.com

All Alone

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Lurking down the crossroad.
Nothing left to share.
Cold and bare.

Lying on the pavement.
Buyers passing by.
Time to die.
Time to die.

All alone! In the cold and in the dark.
All alone! And it’s tearing me apart.
All alone! Heavy load upon my heart.
All alone!

Living crazy notions.
Doings made you cry….

Turn It Down


On the run, night and day
On the road so far away
You know it get’s me down
When you’re not around

All alone, far from home
Brawling on the telephone
You know it get’s me down
But I am not your clown

When it’s dark. When I’m down.
All I want is to turn it down…

The Servant And The Good (Of The Metal Nation)

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I give a goddamn shit ‚bout conformity!
Just free your soul from uniformity!
Speak out your mind in veracity!
Just raise your glas – Cheerio! – and lay back in serenity!

You live! You fly!
You laugh and you die!

A joker and a gentleman!
A truly inspiration!
A gangster and a gambling man!

Eternal Blood

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Out at night. That’s my day.
Holy fight. Ready to slay.
Foolish child. Lonely boy.
Now I am back just to seek and destroy.

Aaaaaaahh! Take gun. On the run. Blast ‚em all away!
Aaaaaaahh! Overkill! Devil’s will! Make the sinners pay!
Take a gun. On the run. Hear what they pray!

Out of sight…….

Black Hole

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Living though your gone.
Tell me what you’re doing
And what you’ve done.

Knowing I’m the one.
Nothing left to ruin
On the run.

And I know time won’t be a healer.
Can’t get up though I try and try.
Got the cash but just can’t find a dealer.
So I sigh. Turn around and……