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Category: Last Gigs

CANCELED!!! SEP-28-2019: The Pirates In Black are going to conquer Wilhelmshaven

Pirates In BLack Live im CCB - Picture by Detlef Claus DPW On Tour

Unfortunately this gig was canceled by the venue. We are very sorry about that!

Picture credits: Detlef Claus

MAY-11-2019: We rocked the Rockin’ Rooster, again!!

Pirates In Black Rockin Rooster Michael Clemens

Yeah!!!! We rocked the Rooster, again!!! A hell of a blast. 45 minutes of plundering, murdering, and total devastation! Can’t remember what happend afterwards. Rumours were spreaded that the good boys of Halbtags had a pretty good time on stage, too. Yes, it was a lot of fun for all of us.

Bildrechte: …

APR-13-2019: The Pirates In Black rocked the Metal Journey Luedenscheid

Pirates In Black Falo Faltu Metal Journey Lüdenscheid

Yeah that was a hell of a blast!!!!! APR-13-2019: The bloody rotten Pirates In Black rocked Luedenscheid, plundering the fridge, and burning down the stage! All of that after our friends from Fortress nailed down some serious heavy metal cover songs.

And we have got a very nice review from Björn Othlinghaus (who also took the……

MAR-16-2019: The Pirates Plundered The Alleestuebchen!!!

Pirates In Black

Arrrrrrrr! That was a merciless prey yesterday evening at the Alleestuebchen! Now our tired bones are in need of some urgent rest. But don’t halloo till you’re out of the wood! Them windows are still intact. That bar is still standing. And barkeeper Marion, too. So there is still plenty of……

FEB-09-2019: On Stage at the 11th Charity Festival Wuppertal Hilft!

Falo Faltu Wuppertal Hilft 2019 - Bildrechte: Detlef Claus

The PIRATES IN BLACK had been invited to attend the 11th Charity Festival Wuppertal Hilft! together with a bunch of other great artists, and local and international musicians. We had 15 minutes of time to perform three songs: “Pirates In Black”, “All Alone”, and “My Name”. A……

NOV-16-2018: The Pirates In Black return to the CCB Culture Club Barmen

Pirates In Black CCB 2018 - Bildrechte Detlev Claus


We were heading back to the place were all the plundering began: The famous stage of the Culture Club Barmen in Wuppertal! What a great gig again! And what a great audience! Full house. Great sound (Thanks to Bernhard Blank!). A fantastic evening!!!……

SEP-01-2018: On Stage at the Underground (Wuppertal): Review and pictures

Heike Leppkes Konzertfotographie Pirates In Black Underground

Thunder Underground

Wohohohooowww! What a great show that was! The Pirates In Black rocked the stage of the Underground in Wuppertal on 01-SEP-2018! And a crowd of more than 90 heavy rock lovers witnessed our show of heavy riffs and raw passion. So to everybody who attended the show: THANK YOU FOR COMING!!!!!……

JUN-09-2018: Pirates In Black rocked the SPH Bandcontest in Bochum

Pirates In Black at the SPH Bandcontest in Bochum

Yes, we did it!! The Pirates In Black rocked Bochum and made it straight to the next round of the SPH Bandcontest. 40 minutes of sweat, and screams, and a freaking-out-crowd made the evening very special for us. Thank you very much to our supporters who took the long way from Wuppertal……

26-APR-2018: Pirates In Black Supporting Pristine in Wuppertal

Yooohoooo you grumbling and stumbling swashbuckling seafearers! The Pirates In Black will rock the stage again in Wuppertal. We are proud and honoured to open the stage for the Norwegian heavy blues rockers from Pristine. Down in the cellars of the LCB Wuppertal.

Date: Thursday 26-APR-2018
Place: Live Club Barmen (LCB) in Wuppertal…

JAN-13-2018: The Pirates In Black rocking the Rockin’ Rooster in Haan

Pirates In Black

What a great start into the year 2018! On Saturday the 13th of January the Pirates In Black entered the stage of the Rockin’ Rooster Club in Haan. 45 minutes of heavy rock and roll, fun, and excitement.


Get an impression by the great pictures shot by our friend Detlef Claus from DPW On Tour.