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MY NAME – Our first appearance on SPOTIFY!!!!

Pirates In Black Spotify

Muhahahahaaaaaa!! The bloody rotten Pirates In Black have conquered SPOTIFY!!! From now on and forever this link below will lead you to the pirate bay:

The Pirates In Black On Spotify

Go there and find endless satisfaction, wine, women, and songs!!!!


Pirates In Black Album Cover

Hey hoo you lousy landlubbers!!!

Our first album is on its way. Release date: NOV-29-2019.
But why wait? Be one of the first to get it and pre-order the album in one of these shops:

► Nuclear Blast: http://bit.ly/piratesinblack_pib_nuclearblast
► Amazon: http://bit.ly/piratesinblack_pib_amazon
► Saturn: http://bit.ly/piratesinblack_pib_saturn

SEP-07-2019: Regio-Final Bochum SPH Bandcontest

SPH Band Contest Regiofinal Bochum

Lord have mercy!! We made it to the QuarterFinal in December! The votes from the jury and the audience sent us to the second place of the evening. It was a great competition with very cool bands, especially with our friends from Wuppertal, Killing Kate, and a very cool band……

Video Production My Name

My Name Video Production

The video “My Name” is on its way

Hi folks, the last days we were quite busy producing the video of our song “My Name”. This song is going to be the first single of our upcoming album “Pirates In Black”. The song (and the video) will be released by OCT-29-2019.

Here’s some footage of the film……

Pirates In Black signed by Dr. Music Records

We are more than pleased to announce our collaboration with Dr. Music Records.

Miriam and Torsten from Dr. Music Records are long time established pros in the music business. They helped a lot of great bands with their marketing activities including promotion, marketing, and sales. The Pirates In Black are really……

Our First Album Is On Its Way

Pirates In Black Album Cover

Pirates In Black – Our First Album

Yes! We did it! We nailed down our very first album, entitled “Pirates In Black”. Ten groundshaking songs to blow your mind and twist your belly. And a bonus track, too. The album comes as a digipak including an eight-pages-booklet containing all the lyrics, and much more.

Release date: NOV-29-2019


MAY-11-2019: We rocked the Rockin’ Rooster, again!!

Pirates In Black Rockin Rooster Michael Clemens

Yeah!!!! We rocked the Rooster, again!!! A hell of a blast. 45 minutes of plundering, murdering, and total devastation! Can’t remember what happend afterwards. Rumours were spreaded that the good boys of Halbtags had a pretty good time on stage, too. Yes, it was a lot of fun for all of us.

Bildrechte: …

Captain Falo Faltu interviewed by Metal Bulletin Zine

Pirates In Black (official)

Heyhoo swashbuckles! Captain Falo Faltu was interviewed by the Metal Bulletin Zine (Seattle, USA). Cool questions, and very cool answers. Read it and you will know (almost) everything about the bloody rotten Pirates In Black.

“The old, classic ways are alive in the form of Pirates in Black (Germany). The band does……

APR-13-2019: The Pirates In Black rocked the Metal Journey Luedenscheid

Pirates In Black Falo Faltu Metal Journey Lüdenscheid

Yeah that was a hell of a blast!!!!! APR-13-2019: The bloody rotten Pirates In Black rocked Luedenscheid, plundering the fridge, and burning down the stage! All of that after our friends from Fortress nailed down some serious heavy metal cover songs.

And we have got a very nice review from Björn Othlinghaus (who also took the……

Another Airplay On Metal-Only.de


Yes guys!!! We will be on air, again!! The bloody Pirates are going to enter the Newcomer Stage of the one and only true metal radiostation METAL-ONLY. Broadcast will take place on APR-15-2019 from 1800! We will be featured with two songs.